NEW ARRIVALS – Marginal and Oxygenating Pond Plants

Albeit later than normal due to the lockdown, we have now received lots of Marginal and Oxygenating Pond Plants. These are available to Collect from the Garden Centre gates (centre is still closed to the public), or we’ll deliver to your door. *When you spend over £20, we’ll deliver up to 15 miles from the centre absolutely FREE OF CHARGE

More fresh stock is coming in all the time and if you don’t see the plant you want, let us know and we’ll get it.


  • Alisma Plantago (Water Plantain)
  • Alisma Parviflora (American Water Plantain)
  • Calla Palustris (Marsh Cala Lily)
  • Houttuynia Cordata (Orange Peel Plant)
  • Iris Versicolour (Purple Iris)
  • Lobelia Cardinalis (Red Cardinal)
  • Mentha Aquatica (Water Mint)
  • Mysotis Varigata (Water Forget me not)
  • Rumex Sanguinea (Spotted Sorrel)
  • Scirpus Cernus (Cotton bud Grass)
  • Scirpus Lacustris Albescens (Variegated Rush)
  • Sisyrinchium Brachypus (Yellow Satin Flowers)
  • Typha Minima (Dwarf Reed Mace)


  • Hippurus Vulgaris (Mares Tail)
  • Hottonia Palustris (Water Violet)
  • Myriophyllum Brasiliensis (Parrot’s Feather)

3 litre LILIES

  • Assorted Sml/Med and Large Lilies in stock