NEW ARRIVALS- 22nd December

A few more additions to our livestock this week and don’t forget we are still offering 25% OFF all our coldwater and tropical freshwater fish These beauties are also included: Tiger Oscar Sjoetedti Killifish Clown Plecostomus Black Widow Neon Tetra Cardinal Tetra Silvertip Zebra Danio Leopard Danio Flying Fox Checker Barb Black Platy

NEW ARRIVALS – 15th December

Some more additions to our current stock of tropical fish and inverts. Don’t forget, there is still 25% OFF all our tropical and coldwater fish prices until the 31st December! Blue Ram Red Scarlet Badis Johanni Cichlid Gold Gourami Borneo Sucker Brochis Cat Otocinclus Sucking Loach Neon Tetra Dalmation Molly Lyretail Black Molly Red Molly… Read More NEW ARRIVALS – 15th December