Tropical Coldwater Fish

Please find our Live Stocklist – Tropical Coldwater Fish which we will look to  update on a regular basis to include all of the fish and invertebrates that we currently have in stock.

LAST UPDATED: 20th June 2019

Acara (Blue)Assorted Malawi CichlidAlbino Sturgeon
AncistrusAssorted Peacocks (Med)Assorted Greenline Koi
Ancistrus (Albino)Assorted Peacocks (Small)Assorted Telescopic Moor
Ancistrus (Calico)Blue Victoria MouthbrooderBarbel (Greenline)
Ancistrus (Long Fin)FrontosaBlack Moor
Angel (Assorted Small-medium)Hi Grade PeacockCalico Oranda
Angel (Assorted)Julidochromis OrnatusCommon Carp
Angel (Gold)Lamporologus BrichardiGiant Bitterling
Angel (XL Koi/White)Lamprologus LelupiGold Tench
Apistogramma (Borelli)Pseudotropheus CrabroGoldfish (Greenline)
Apistogramma (Cacatoides -Double Red)saulosiGreen Tench
Barb (Black Ruby)Hillstream Loach
Barb (Chequer)Medium Ranchu
Barb (Cherry)Mirror Carp
Barb (Clown)Orfe (Blue)
Barb (Gold Rosy)Orfe (Golden)
Barb (Golden)Rainbow Shiner
Barb (Long Fin Rosy)Ramshorn Snail
Barb (Neon Rosy)Red Cap Oranda
Barb (Odessa)Red/White Fantail
Barb (Pentazona)Shubunkin
Barb (Tiger - Green)Stickleback
Barb (Tiger)Greenline' = UK BredSturgeon
Blue LobsterSucking Loach
Botia (Candy Stripe)Weather Loach
Botia (Skunk)
Catfish (Asian Stone)
Catfish (Banjo)
Catfish (Bumblebee - Asian)
Catfish (Otocinclus)
Catfish (Spotted Talking)
Cichlid (Convict)
Cichlid (Emerald)
Cichlid (Golden Dwarf)
Corydoras (Albino)
Corydoras (Bronze)
Corydoras (Elegans)
Corydoras (Hasbrosus)
Corydoras (Hastatus)
Corydoras (Julii)
Corydoras (Long Fin Bronze)
Corydoras (Peppered)
Corydoras (Pygmaeus)
Corydoras (Sterbai)
Crab (Vampire)
Danio (Giant)
Danio (Leopard)
Danio (Long Fin Leopard)
Danio (Long Fin Zebra)
Danio (Pearl)
Florida Flagfish
Flying Fox
Frog (Dwarf)
Geophagus Balzani
German Ram
Goby (Neon Blue Stiphodon)
Gourami (Chocolate)
Gourami (Giant)
Gourami (Gold)
Gourami (Opaline)
Gourami (Pearl)
Gourami (Sparkling)
Guppy (Bumblebee)
Guppy (Female)
Guppy (Neon Blue)
Guppy (Purple Queen)
Guppy (Rashmi)
Guppy (Shakthi-Batik)
Indian Glassfish
Killifish (Gardner's)
Killifish (Red Chin Panchax)
Loach (Black khuli)
Loach (Horseface)
Loach (Hovering Zebra)
Loach (Khuli)
Loach (Schistura Suratthani)
Loach (Sucking)
Loach (Yoyo)
Molly (Black)
Molly (Saffron)
Norman's Lampeye
Oscar (Red Map Albino)
Oscar (Tiger)
Paradise Fish
Paradise Fish (Brown Spiketail)
Platy (Assorted)
Platy (Berlin)
Platy (Bumblebee)
Platy (Hi Fin Variatus)
Platy (Hi Fin)
Platy (Variatus)
Plecostomus (Clown)
Rainbow Shark
Rainbow Shark (Albino)
Rasbora (Chilli)
Rasbora (Dwarf)
Rasbora (Emerald Eye)
Rasbora (Harlequin - Black)
Rasbora (Harlequin)
Rasbora (Least)
Rasbora (Scissortail)
Red Tail Goodeid
Scarlet Badis
Severum (Spotted)
Shrimp (Amano)
Shrimp (Cherry)
Shrimp (Chocolate)
Shrimp (Mountain/Bamboo)
Shrimp (Orange Sakura)
Siamese Fighter
Siamese Fighter (Female)
Siamese Fighter (Super Delta)
Snail (Assorted Nerite)
Snail (Batman)
Snail (Devil Faunus)
Snail (Zebra Nerite)
Striped Talking Cat
Swordtail (Lyretail)
Tetra (Beacon)
Tetra (Black Neon)
Tetra (Black Phantom)
Tetra (Black Widow)
Tetra (Buenos Aires Gold)
Tetra (Buenos Aires)
Tetra (Cardinal)
Tetra (Columbian)
Tetra (Congo)
Tetra (Ember)
Tetra (Emperor)
Tetra (Flame)
Tetra (Glowlight)
Tetra (Gold Pristella)
Tetra (Gold Widow)
Tetra (King Blue)
Tetra (Lemon)
Tetra (Neon)
Tetra (Ornate)
Tetra (Pretty)
Tetra (Purple Emperor)
Tetra (Red Eye)
Tetra (Red Phantom)
Tetra (Reed)
Tetra (Rummynose)
Tetra (Serpae)
Tetra (Silvertip)
Tetra (X Ray)
Turtle (Musk)
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Gold)
White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Long Fin)


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