Tropical Coldwater Fish

Please find our Live Stocklist – Tropical Coldwater Fish which we will look to  update on a regular basis to include all of the fish and invertebrates that we currently have in stock.

LAST UPDATED: 12th June 2022

Acei2-3 inch Ghost Koi
Ancistrus2-3 inch Goldfish
Ancistrus (Albino)2-3 inch Shubunkin
Ancistrus (Gold Blue Eye)3-4 inch Sarasa
Ancistrus (Long Fin)3-4 inch Shubunkin
Angelfish (BSP)4 inch Goldfish
Angelfish (Gold)4 inch Mixed Koi
Angelfish (Leopard Smoke)8-10 inch Ghost Koi
Apistogramma Agassizi Fire Red8-10 inch mixed Koi
Apistogramma Cacatoides OrangeBlack Moor
Apple SnailBlue Orfe
Assorted Malawi CichlidChocolate Oranda
Assorted Nerite SnailCommon Carp
Assorted Peacocks (Med/Lge)Fantail
Assorted Peacocks (Sml/Med)Golden Orfe
Badis BadisGudgeon
Banjo CatfishMirror Carp
Barb (Cherry)Ramshorn Snail
Barb (Golden)Rudd
Barb (Long Fin Rosy) Stickleback
Barb (Metallic Golden)Weather Loach
Barb (Neon Golden)
Barb (Odessa)
Barb (Pentazona)
Barb (Torpedo)
Batman Snail
Blind Cave Fish
Blue Acara
Candy Stripe Botia
Chinese Bitterling
Chocolate Talking Cat
Corydoras (Agassizi)
Corydoras (Albino)
Corydoras (Bronze)
Corydoras (C126)
Corydoras (Julii)
Corydoras (Leucomelas)
Corydoras (Panda)
Corydoras (Peppered)
Corydoras (Pygmy)
Corydoras (Sterbai)
Danio (Pearl)
Danio (Zebra)
Dot Dash Leporinus
Female Fighter
Firemouth Cichlid
Gardner Killifish
Garra Rufa
Geophagus steindachneri/honda
Gourami (Gold)
Gourami (Opaline)
Gourami (Pearl)
Green Severum
Guppy (Blue Neon)
Guppy (Female)
Guppy (Red Cap)
Guppy (Red Cobra)
Guppy (Yellow)
Hillstream Loach
Julidochromis Transcriptus
Keyhole cichlid
Khuli Loach
King Nerite Snail
Kribensis (Albino)
L. Cylindricus
Leopard Bush Fish
Neon Blue Acara
Marbled Convict
Military Helmet Snail
Molly (Black)
Molly (Sunset)
Mountain Loach
Panda Garra
Paradise Fish
Parrot Cichlid (Red)
Pea Puffer
Pencilfish (Beckfordi Red)
Platy (Bumblebee)
Platy (Sunset)
Plecostomus (Mega Clown)
Plecostomus (Flash)
Rainbow Cichlid
Ramshorn Snail
Rasbora (Chilli)
Rasbora (Emerald Eye)
Rasbora (Harlequin)
Rasbora (Least)
Rasbora (Phoenix)
Rasbora (Scissortail)
Red Devil
Shrimp (Amano)
Shrimp (Bamboo)
Shrimp (Blue Pearl)
Shrimp (Cherry)
Shrimp (Crystal Red)
Shrimp (Fire Red Sakura)
Shrimp (Red Rilli)
Siamese Fighter Male (Plakat)
Siamese Fighter Male (Super Delta)
Siamese Flying Fox
Silver Dollar
Silver Shark
Spotted Silver Dollar
Sucking Loach
Swordtail (Lyretail)
Tetra (Beacon)
Tetra (Black Neon)
Tetra (Black Phantom)
Tetra (Black Widow)
Tetra (Blackline)
Tetra (Cardinal)
Tetra (Columbian)
Tetra (Diamond)
Tetra (Emperor)
Tetra (Flame)
Tetra (Glowlight)
Tetra (Gold Widow)
Tetra (Green Neon)
Tetra (Lemon)
Tetra (Ornate)
Tetra (Red Phantom)
Tetra (Rummynose)
Tetra (Serpae)
Tetra (Silvertip)
Tetra (Splash)
Tetra (X Ray)
Thorn Nerite Snail
Vampire Crab
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Gold)
XL Plecostomus
Yoyo Loach
Zebra Snail


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