Aquascaping generally starts with a hard structure which the aquarist can then plant around. Rocks create a sense of depth and dimension to any aquarium. It gives fish a place to explore and even find microscopic live foods like algae and bacteria. A rock cave will create a safe hideout for shy catfish and loaches.


Highly detailed and great quality aquarium stone.
Ideal for all types of freshwater tropical and coldwater aquariums.

This rock can be broken up and stacked to create a background and caved areas in an aquarium.

Neutral pH – will not change your water parameters

Ideal for mosses and suitable plants

Perfect scaping rock with massive amounts of detail and scale in every piece.


Maple leaf rock is an excellent rock for aquascaping.

It is relatively easy to break in order to break down to the right size.

It is also inert which makes it perfect for keeping shrimp as well.

It’s appearance is Reddish-brown rocks crossed by white veins. The surface looks like a spider web or layers of leaves.


Greyish colour with punctual glimmer effects. Can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Unique form and distinct glimmer colour which intensifies when immersed.

Glimmer wood rock is a mixture of Light grey, Dark grey and glimmer.


Tufa rock’s structure is composed of calcified organic material, including twigs, leaves, mosses and shells creating a detailed and intricate decor for aquarium.

Ideal surface for stacking to create reef like structures and caves. It can be used with Ocean Rock in aquariums which require a higher PH level.

Tufa rock has a porous surface area for beneficial bacteria and algeal growth. 

Its high calcium content is a natural pH buffer for the Rift Valley Cichlids of  Lake Malawi and Tanganyika, as well as for Marine Saltwater aquariums.

Tufa rock is often used in outdoor ponds as its surface is ideal for growing moss naturally, which gives a natural look when lining the edges of a pond.


Ocean Rock is a natural alkaline rock suitable for a variety of aquarium types including; Saltwater Marine, African Rift Valley Hardwater, Malawi/Tanganyikan cichlids, Intertidal brackish and coldwater due to its excellent buffering capacity.

Ocean rock is highly detailed and contains natural holes and crevises. Perfect for swimthroughs and caves.

Its appearance is a mixture of bright white and cream which looks great when added to a lighter substrate.

Ocean rock is often used in combination with Tufa Rock in aquariums which require a higher PH as both rocks increase water hardness.


As it name implies every piece has a hole!
These crevices are perfect for planting mosses and plants.

The stone is most effective when used in groups to form the main foundation to your aquascape with plants placed around them.

Can be integrated with other rocks and wood to create river bed scapes.

Creates a natural cave and hiding places for fish and shrimp.


Galapagos Rocks are porous and mostly dark stones, like the rough cliffs in Galapagos.

The cavernous surface is optimal for placing plants on. They are perfectly suitable for abrasive layouts.

A unique highly original porous natural rock which is tough and robust.


Blue Fairy rock has a blue-ish great colour. The rock is quite dense and porous and has a pitted structure.

The structure of this rock is ideal of attaching plants and mosses.


Often called petrified wood, fossilized wood stone is wood and other organic matter which has fossilized into stone. 

A stunning stone which often retains the texture of  wood which has fossilized.

Can be stacked vertically or horizontally and used with wood and rocks to create a natural look.  


The layered structure of these rocks makes it very easy to attach plants such as Anubias ferns and mosses.

These rocks are extremely rare and perfectly crafted by the nature.  

Colours are even deeper when misted or underwater.

Great to add into a shrimp or nano tanks as a centrepiece.


A Colourful rock with bright white, pink and red tones. The drilled hole gives swimthroughs and hiding places for fish and shrimp.

Colour enhances when immersed.

Creates a great centrepiece in any tank.


Maple leaf rock is a Reddish- brown colour mixed with viens of white and crystalised areas. The rock is highly detailed with the surface giving the appearance of a spiderweb or leaves.

This rock looks great in black water aquariums with the colours contrasting well with wood and botanicals.

It is relatively easy to break in order to break down to the right size.

It is also inert which makes it perfect for keeping shrimp as well.


Rosy Rock is a bright white and pinkish coloured rock with a striped appearance. Crystalised areas are embedded in the rock, which give a subtle shimmer when immersed under water.

Each piece is unique and detailed.

Inert and safe for freshwater and marine aquariums.


A mixture of cobbles and pebbles is great for creating river-bed scapes. Use as a botto layer with wood and rocks on top.

The smooth surface is great for building up biofilm and adding to shrimp tanks.

Great for fish like garra rufa and hillstream loach.