After keeping fish since the tender age of 8 years old, we ran out of room in the house, so acquired the shop!   the fishroom was officially established on the 1st September 2015

We absolutely love fish…

We are passionate about all things fishkeeping and  provide honest and valuable information and advice, with a constantly updating and dynamic presentation of equipment and livestock..and if you can’t see it we’ll get if for you

We try our very best to get tank bred fish over wild caught wherever possible (we acheive over 80% captive bred stock) and are picky about who supplies us

We are a family owned business, and constantly strive to be competitively priced against both the big boys and eBay sellers in China (for example). However, we will not sacrifice the quality of the equipment or livestock we stock and sell though, not just to hit a key price point. All the products on our shelves from Foods, Treatments and Filters have all been tested by us.

We are about the personal touch and quality service and generally have a smile on our face (apart from really early in the morning!)

We’ve got lots of ideas, and some of them are even good! We are constantly improving our facilities which is better for you, us and most importantly our livestock.

Your constructive feedback and input is invaluable to us, so please feel free to:

Use the Contact Us form

Drop us an email

Message us on our Facebook page

Give us a ring on 01625 878034

Come in and see us!

Whether you are new to the hobby or an experienced aquarist, and if you live in the area we would love to see you whether its for a bit of advice (that’s free) or a new scape for your biotope… 
Local or not, you can take full advantage of our e Commerce section and buy online (we also have an eBay Store too). We will dash off to the Post Office or contact our courier and get your goods on their way.

If you are within a 10 mile radius of our Centre and spend over £20, we will personally deliver your order direct to your door absolutely FREE!

So, for example, we post some of new fish onto our Facebook page, you message us from work and we deliver them when you get home, it couldn’t be easier!

Never mind Stand and Deliver, this is RING and we will DELIVER!











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