Floating plants for Pond & Aquarium

Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth are a species of South American free-floating aquatic plants usually characterised by their rounded leaves. They remain bouyant thanks to their specially adapted air-filled stems. Hyacinths tend to develop very elaborate, hair like root systems that provide excellent habitats for small invertebrates, fish and amphibians. This factor, along with their efficient… Read More Floating plants for Pond & Aquarium


Arguably one of the most -if not the most- efficient algae eaters that you could have in a tropical Aquarium. These little guys are quite often underappreciated but stick them in a planted aquarium and watch them go. Experience level: Moderate Max size: 1/2 Inch Minimum Tank Size: 12 gallons (57L) Temperament: Peaceful PH Range:… Read More Otocinclus