Wildlife and Fish Ponds in Winter

  Some really useful FAQ’s specifically focusing on fish and wildlife ponds in winter when the frost, ice and snow arrives My pond was full of frogs and tadpoles over the spring and summer: where have they gone? Frogs will generally hibernate in the lower levels of ponds, down amongst the leaf litter and plants. They are… Read More Wildlife and Fish Ponds in Winter

Last few days of the fishroom Sale

The fishroom’s January Sale is due to end this next weekend*. All the aquariums are reduced across a number of brands, including: Juwel Biorb Aquael Fluval Tetra Hugo Kamishi Marina Complete tropical set ups including LED lighting, heater and filters start from just £50 (coldwater starter set ups from just £20) *We will be carrying… Read More Last few days of the fishroom Sale

Aquariums ‘deliver significant health benefits’

The picture above is of the Aquadom at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany. It actually has a lift running up the middle of it! One of the attractions of aquariums, even if it is a subconscious one, is that they are inherently relaxing to watch and experience. In July 2015, Dr White and his colleagues… Read More Aquariums ‘deliver significant health benefits’

New Arrivals

Arrived earlier this week and now ready for sale. XXL Cardinal Tetras Tinfoil barbs Male Fighters Assorted Mollies Assorted Male Guppies Sucking Loach Siamese Flying Fox Black Widows Peppered Corydoras Blonde Female Guppies XL Black Khuli Loach Tilapia Buttikoferi Assorted Platies Checker Barbs