New Arrivals – 28th January

A few nice bits and pieces arrived earlier today: Clown Plecostomus Khuli Loach (Banded and Black) Tyre Track Eels Albino Bichir XL Koi Angels Electric Blue Acara Silver Neon Guppies Laser Male Guppies Japonica Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Mountain Shrimp Large Mossballs

New Arrivals

Arrived earlier this week and now ready for sale. XXL Cardinal Tetras Tinfoil barbs Male Fighters Assorted Mollies Assorted Male Guppies Sucking Loach Siamese Flying Fox Black Widows Peppered Corydoras Blonde Female Guppies XL Black Khuli Loach Tilapia Buttikoferi Assorted Platies Checker Barbs