We’ve got some excellent offers and “killer” prices on Clown Loach and Clown Barbs currently available and on sale at the fishroom. Along with many more varieties and even more fish due in early next week. Check out our live stock list or follow our Facebook page to see all our updates.

NEW ARRIVALS – 28th October

A few more tropical freshwater fish now in stock and ready for sale: Red Bay Snook Marble Hatchet Sparkling Gourami Dwarf Gourami Chilli Scarlet Endler Gold Snakeskin Guppy Dalmation Molly Cardinal Tetra Beacon Tetra Clown Barb Red Tail Botia Peppered Corydoras Albino Corydoras Bronze Corydoras Otocinclus Khuli Loach Rainbow Shark Electric Blue Acara XL Angel… Read More NEW ARRIVALS – 28th October

Pond water getting colder? The switch to Wheatgerm.

WHY SHOULD WE SWITCH TO FEEDING OUR FISH WHEATGERM FOOD? Well, as  the weather gets colder changes, you see lots of reminders (like this one!) to feed a different diet to your fish – a wheat germ based diet. Why? What’s the difference? Do fish experience changes in taste when the weather changes? Okay, one at a time!… Read More Pond water getting colder? The switch to Wheatgerm.

New Arrivals – 13th October

Some of our latest additions to the Tropical Freshwater stock, excellent examples of staple community fish in addition to some of the weirder specimens, along with some great aquatic plants TROPICAL FISH Silver Scat (Customer Order) Keyhole Cichlid Merigold Swordtail Madagascar Rainbow Peppered Corydoras Long Fin Plecostomus Ancistrus Lipstick Barb Cherry Barb Zebra Danio Neon… Read More New Arrivals – 13th October

Where Do I Begin? – The Basics of Starting a Freshwater Aquarium

So you’re considering getting some fish? A brand new pet perhaps? Whilst they can be enthralling and fascinating to observe and tend to, many people are put off keeping them due to the aquarium itself. Be it the maintenance, cleaning or even just the general start up. Gone were the days that you could win… Read More Where Do I Begin? – The Basics of Starting a Freshwater Aquarium