Coldwater and Pond Fish NEW IN – 25th May

Some new additions to our coldwater and pond livestock, now in and on sale. Black Moor Silver Rudd Sarasa Comet Greenline Goldfish (2-3 inch, 3-4 inch and 5-6 inch) Golden Orfe Mirror Carp (4 inch) Sunburst Ghost Koi (5 inch) Gold Fathead Minnow Stickleback This stickleback is an active fish that forms schools (marine three-spined… Read More Coldwater and Pond Fish NEW IN – 25th May

Tropical Fish – New Arrivals 24th May

The latest additions to our Tropical Fish livestock are┬ánow in stock. If you require any additional information, sizes or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be adding some pictures over the next day or so. Assorted Angel Banded Leporinus Black Phantom Tetra Checker Barb Cherry Barb Cochu’s Blue Tetra Congo Tetra Crowntail… Read More Tropical Fish – New Arrivals 24th May

Spotlight: Marimo ‘Moss’ Balls

Marimo is a type of green algae native to the most of the northern hemisphere that, under very specific conditions, forms into a sphere. Colonies of these strange balls have been found washed up in Iceland, Scotland, Japan, Estonia and now Australia. They are particularly prevalent in Lake Akan in Japan where the constant wind-driven… Read More Spotlight: Marimo ‘Moss’ Balls

New Tropical’s arrived – May 18th

Our latest additions to the tropical fish livestock, now in stock and available for sale: Texas Cichlid Melanochromis Johanni Farlowella L148b Bulldog Plecostomus Common Plecostomus Peppered Corydoras Threadfin Rainbow Sunset Platy Black and Gold Molly Black Cobra Guppy Tiger Barb Zebra Snail Our Live Stocklist is updated regularly and if you don’t see what you… Read More New Tropical’s arrived – May 18th