New Arrivals – Sparkling Gourami (Trichopsis Pumila)

The Sparkling or ‘Pygmy’ Gourami is the smallest member of the Anabantid family comprising of such species as Other Gouramis like Paradise Fish and Siamese Fighters. These fish are adapted for life in slow-moving and still shallow pools and are therefore able to take oxygen directly out of the air. Sparkling Gouramis may reach a… Read More New Arrivals – Sparkling Gourami (Trichopsis Pumila)

NEW IN – 14th September

More additions to our tropical livestock this week, some really great fish. We’ll be aiming to upload some more images to our Facebook and Instagram pages over the next day or so. TROPICAL Sparkling Gourami Ctenopoma Acutirostre Splash Tetra M/L Neon Female Guppy Bulldog Plecostomus Corydoras Jullii Corydoras Sterbai Siamese Flying Fox Golden Line Pencil Fish… Read More NEW IN – 14th September

Introduction to Freshwater Crabs & Shrimps

Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) Native to the streams and pools of Taiwan, these hardy shrimp are a staple in freshwater invertebrates. They are active scavengers within the aquarium and are easy to breed. They grow to about 1½ inches and are one of the smallest tropical shrimps available. Bigger fish such as Angels are not… Read More Introduction to Freshwater Crabs & Shrimps