New Arrivals – Sparkling Gourami (Trichopsis Pumila)

The Sparkling or ‘Pygmy’ Gourami is the smallest member of the Anabantid family comprising of such species as Other Gouramis like Paradise Fish and Siamese Fighters. These fish are adapted for life in slow-moving and still shallow pools and are therefore able to take oxygen directly out of the air. Sparkling Gouramis may reach a maximum size of just 1.5 inches and are therefore suitable for some smaller aquariums. They are reasonably shy fish and require a good amount of cover provided by plants, wood and some floating plants to break up the light. Contrary to many other Anabantids, Pygmy Gouramis are relatively passive and can be kept in small numbers in a mix of genders. Sparkling Gouramis should not be kept with aggressive fish as this will stress them. To communicate with each other these fish will emit a ‘croaking’ sound that can be heard outside of the aquarium. They are a relatively tough and hardy fish, so a decent option for beginners.

PH: 5-7.5

Temperature: 22-28C (76-82F)