NEW IN – Pond plants, snails and planters

We’ve just received the latest selection of pond “life”, including Trapdoor and Ramshorn snails. More additions to our bunched range of oxygenating plants adding Crowfoot and Fontinalis to our Elodea Crispa and Hornwort.  More stock of Trappa Natans, a hardy floating plant. NEW IN – Floating Pond Baskets Amazing new item which will fit square… Read More NEW IN – Pond plants, snails and planters

New Arrivals – 27th April

    Some of our latest additions to our Tropical Freshwater Livestock, including fish, shrimps, lobsters and plants. Turquoise Discus L Red Parrot Cichlid L Jaguar Cichlid White Cloud Mountain Minnow XL Golden Barb Cardinal Tetra Black Neon Tetra Glowlight Tetra Red Eye Tetra Hi Fin Swordtail Mickey Mouse Platy Pearl Gourami Gold Gourami Strawberry… Read More New Arrivals – 27th April


Arguably one of the most -if not the most- efficient algae eaters that you could have in a tropical Aquarium. These little guys are quite often underappreciated but stick them in a planted aquarium and watch them go. Experience level: Moderate Max size: 1/2 Inch Minimum Tank Size: 12 gallons (57L) Temperament: Peaceful PH Range:… Read More Otocinclus

FYI – Using Woods in your aquariums

When purchasing wood we’d always recommend to soak bogwood and driftwood for a good week before introducing into your aquarium. This is usually to prime the wood, removing the majority of tannins and minerals present in the wood. You can buy wood pre-soaked or wood that has never dried out such as Marsh Root that… Read More FYI – Using Woods in your aquariums

Featured Product – Aquael ASAP Filter

Every now and then, we like to highlight some products that have surpassed our expectations in terms of price, quality and guarantee. This week, it’ll be the ASAP Filter from Aquael. Now when you think about most Aquarium equipment, be that heaters, tanks, filters, pumps, you may be instinctively drawn to a few brands and… Read More Featured Product – Aquael ASAP Filter

“Are those Marine?” – Introduction to Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids Part 1

“Are those Marine?“ is a question we get asked in response to our Malawi/Tanganyika hard water tank in the shop. To be fair, when you consider their vast and startling colours, barren hard environment and dense population it is hard to see otherwise. LAKE MALAWI Discovered by David Livingstone 150 years ago, this lake –… Read More “Are those Marine?” – Introduction to Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids Part 1