Coldwater and Native Pond Fish – NEW IN

Arrived earlier this week, some excellent additions to our ponds and native biotope. 5-6 inch Silver Rudd 4-5 inch Gold Rudd 7 inch Premier Red UK Goldfish 3-4 Green Tench 5-6 inch Shubunkin Freshwater Pearl Mussel If you have any questions about prices or volumes, please do not hesitate to ask.

Tropical Fish and Plants – NEW IN

Some additions to our current stocks: Strawberry Peacock Green Severum XXL Marbled and Albino Oscar Flowerhorn  Mega Clown Plecostomus  Mickey Mouse Platy Khuli Loach  Congo Tetra Red Crabs Bee Shrimp PLANTS Vallis. Spiralis  Sagi. Eatoni  Cabomba Carol. Apog. Undulates Bacopa Rotunda Egeria Densa PLANTS ON BOGWOOD  Anubias  Java Fern Java Moss