NEW IN -25th August

Some excellent additions to our Tropical livestock, now in and on sale Raccoon Shrimp Banjo Catfish Bumble Bee Catfish Pygmy Corydoras Otocinclus Clown Plecostomus Tilapia Buttikoferi Chequered Headstander Silver Dollar Flame Guppy XL Yellow Cobra Guppy Red Platy Red Tail Rasbora Serpae Tetra Kissing Gourami Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnow

NEW IN – 11th August

A few nice additions to our tropical livestock, including: Dwarf Brown Frog Glass Shrimp Micro Spider Crab L018 Gold Nugget Plecostomus Mountain Loach Panda Corydoras Jewel Cichlid Yellow Labidochromis OB Peacock Peacock Sp. Melanochromis Auratus Protomelas Red Empress Mdoka Peacock

New Arrivals – Paradise Fish

Macropodus opercularis Common names: Blue Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami Experience level: Easy Max size: 4 inch Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons (40 Litres) Temperament: Semi Aggressive PH Range: 6.0-8.0 Hardiness: Moderate Sex Differences: Males develop longer, split lyre-tails and more vibrant colours. Temperature: 16-26°  C (61-79° F) (Can be kept in room temperature ‘temperate’ conditions)… Read More New Arrivals – Paradise Fish