“Are Those Marine?” Part 2: Tanganyikan Rock Dwellers

In the first post we gave a brief run-through of the main groups of cichlid found in Lake Malawi in Africa, with reference to their specific behaviours ,┬ádiets, and keeping Malawi Cichlids -Ppart 1 of ‘Introduction to Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids’ can be found here. Here, we intend to focus on the other major African… Read More “Are Those Marine?” Part 2: Tanganyikan Rock Dwellers

Mouthbrooders – A Brief Overview

Certain species of tropical fish carry fertilised eggs in their mouths and continue to hold the babies there for a while after they hatch.This can be found in both paternal and maternal members of the species. The following section will focus primarily on mouthbrooding cichlids from the African Rift Valley from the lakes Malawi and… Read More Mouthbrooders – A Brief Overview