NEW ARRIVALS – Tropical Fish 8th June

More additions to our current Tropical Freshwater stock arrived earlier today Spotted Puffer Armoured Fire Plecostomus L091 Blood Red Dwarf Gourami Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami Marigold Gourami Three Spot Gourami Swordtail Assorted Platy Leopard Guppy Sailfin Molly Glass Shrimp Check out our full stocklist HERE You can also reserve and request stock

Some more NEW ARRIVALS – Tropical Fish 2nd June

A few more fish to add to our current selection of livestock. Yunnanilus Brevis Tiger Botia (Large) Otocinclus Electric Blue Acara OB Peacock Calico Peacock Labidochromis (Orange and Yellow) Torpedo Barb Endler  Orange Sakura Shrimp Yellow Sakura Shrimp  Chocolate Shrimp  Glass Shrimp (XL) Sucking Loach Flying Fox Siamese Fighter Dwarf Aquatic Frog