Water Hyacinth and Elodea Crispa – BANNED

a767fa80302b5555c6ccb3ca38929688 Last year the European Commission published the Invasive Alien Species Regulation and Water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) and Elodea crispa remain on this banned list. The transitional period now has just over four weeks left, meaning you have until the 2nd August 2017 to buy these ever popular pond plants. After this we will no longer be able to sell either of these plants and you will not be able to introduce these plants to your garden  pond from ANY source! If you already have any of these plants,  you are permitted to keep them, but it is a potential offence to allow or encourage their spread outside your garden or to release them into natural waterways where they could cause environmental damage. Even though we’ve voted to leave the European Union, until the United Kingdom formally leaves, we have a legal obligation to comply with this law. So come on down and come and get these plants while can… WHEN THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE! From the 2nd August we’ll be looking at converting to to British Native oxygenating plants instead –  Hornwort and Spiked Milfoil  in bunches, in addition to our current stocks of Water Violet and Ivy Leafed Crowfoot which are available in 1 litre pots. There is no real direct Native alternative to Water Hyacinth, but we’ll continue to stock and sell Water Lettuce, Frogbit and of course, Water Lilies, which give great cover for your pond. Any questions, please contact us via Phone, email,  Facebook Messenger elodeacrispa-lge