New In! Tetra Finding Dory Aquarium Set

Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory was released in cinemas in the UK recently and to coincide with it’s release we have some excellent Finding Dory Aquarium sets available by Tetra. This limited edition aquarium set comes with: 18 Litre Glass Aquarium Tetra EasyCrystal 250 Filter Aquarium Gravel Food & Care product samples Double-sided background poster The… Read More New In! Tetra Finding Dory Aquarium Set

Coldwater and Pond Fish- NEW IN

Some more additions to our coldwater and pond livestock, now available for sale 6 inch Ghost Koi 4 inch Ghost Koi 3 inch Traditional Ghost Koi 4 inch Golden Rudd 3 inch Green Grass Carp 7-8 inch Long Nose Sturgeon 4-4.5 inch Oranda 1-2 inch Goldfish 3 inch Goldfish 5 inch Goldfish

Tropical Fish and Plants – NEW IN

Arrived this week and available for sale TROPICAL FISH Blue Diamond Discus Zipper Loach Silver Marble Molly Red Leopard Molly Penguin Tetra Neon Tetra Rosy Tetra Glowlight Tetra Ember Tetra Zebra Danio Scissortail Female Fighter Yellow Comet Platy Flying Fox Zebra Snail Nerritina Snail Black Chocolate Shrimp PLANTS Hygrophila Difformis Echinodorus Paniculatus Vallisneria Spiralis Rotala… Read More Tropical Fish and Plants – NEW IN

Coldwater and Native Pond Fish – NEW IN

Arrived earlier this week, some excellent additions to our ponds and native biotope. 5-6 inch Silver Rudd 4-5 inch Gold Rudd 7 inch Premier Red UK Goldfish 3-4 Green Tench 5-6 inch Shubunkin Freshwater Pearl Mussel If you have any questions about prices or volumes, please do not hesitate to ask.

Floating plants for Pond & Aquarium

Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth are a species of South American free-floating aquatic plants usually characterised by their rounded leaves. They remain bouyant thanks to their specially adapted air-filled stems. Hyacinths tend to develop very elaborate, hair like root systems that provide excellent habitats for small invertebrates, fish and amphibians. This factor, along with their efficient… Read More Floating plants for Pond & Aquarium