Current Marginal Pond Plants currently in stock – 18th April

We’ve been asked to add our current stock onto here on numerous occasions, so after fighting with Google Docs and temporarily admitting defeat at getting a “live” and constantly updated list published, in the interim we’d thought we’d tell you exactly what we’d got NOW! 

Stock is updated regularly, so if you are after a specific plant/size, drop us a note or a quick phone call to check and we can also put them to one side for you.

Okay here goes…


  • American Water Iris
  • Bogarum
  • Black Gamecock
  • Blue Cardinal
  • Brook Lime
  • Chinese Marshflower Blue
  • Chinese Marshflower White
  • Corkscrew Rush
  • Cotton Bud Grass
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Double Flowered Spearwort
  • Dwarf Reed Mace
  • Dwarf Water Plantain
  • Dwarf Variegated Sweet Rush
  • Flowering Rush
  • Golden Creeping Jenny
  • Golden Headed Reed Mace
  • Gold and Green Norfolk Reed
  • Green and White Canary Grass
  • Green and White Sweet Grass
  • Hair Grass
  • Horsetail Rush
  • Houttuynia Cordata
  • Ivy Leafed Crowfoot
  • Japanese Water Iris
  • Lavender Musk
  • Lesser Spearwort
  • Mares Tail
  • Monkey Musk
  • Ornamental Reed Mace
  • Penny Royal
  • Purple Lobelia
  • Purple Loosestrife 
  • Red Cardinal Flower
  • Red Stern Parrot’s Feather
  • Red Water Doc
  • St Johns Wort
  • Summer Snowflake
  • Variegated Greater Pond Sedge
  • Variegated Sweet Rush
  • Water Forget-Me-Not
  • Water Plantain
  • Water Mint
  • White Marsh Marigold
  • White Water Forget-Me-Not
  • Yellow Satin Flowers
  • Zebra Rush

Plants are available in 1L, 3L and Mixed 8L contour baskets


  • Nymphaea Aurora
  • Nymphaea Conqueror
  • Nymphaea Fabiola
  • Nymphaea Gloriosa
  • Nymphaea Joey Tomocik
  • Nymphaea Marliac Albida
  • Nymphaea Marliacea Chromatella
  • Nymphaea Paul Hariot
  • Nymphaea Sioux