PSA: Now is a good time to replace that UV!

As with most things, they don’t last forever. This is unfortunately true with your Ultraviolet bulb on your UV Clarifier for your pond or Aquarium. Manufacturers claim that their lifespan is something around 4-5 months and you need to buy a new one sometime after this period. This isn’t necessarily correct. In reality, although UVs do gradually fade out and lose efficiency, we’d suggest around a 9-12 month mark instead.

At most you’re looking at about a year but you should keep an eye (not a naked eye!) on the bulb at least once a month anyway. Be sure to look for any dark areas on the bulb’s glass when turned off.

  • These are usually evident on the edges next to the connections and tend to indicate that the bulb is dying or has already gone.
  • UV bulbs don’t necessarily blow like other bulbs, but rather fade out gradually until they have little to no effect on the water.
  • The dark areas aren’t always present on bulbs that have died or lost efficiency, therefore a more accurate definition of the bulb’s condition is your water clarity. If you notice a sudden bloom of algae within the pond, you might want to consider changing your bulb.

Whether you popped a new bulb in last summer, spring or some unspecified time that you’ve forgotten about (happens to the best of us!), it might be due for replacing.

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