Aquariums ‘deliver significant health benefits’

The picture above is of the Aquadom at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany. It actually has a lift running up the middle of it!

One of the attractions of aquariums, even if it is a subconscious one, is that they are inherently relaxing to watch and experience. In July 2015, Dr White and his colleagues at Plymouth university found that from just a 10 minute aquarium-watching session, participants of their study demonstrated a decreased blood pressure and heart rate. They were also shown to have attained psychological benefits including lowered stress and anxiety which actually occured within only five minutes of the experiment and tended to plateau over an extended period of time.

Conclusively, Dr Kinver noted the importance of aquariums in public spaces including waiting rooms at hospitals because of their ability to reduce issues such as hypertension and stress (both physically and psychologically).

After reading these findings ourself, we constructed a service in which we will plant, stock and maintain aquariums at a low monthly fee. We appreciate that some people tend to get put off from getting aquariums solely because of the maintenance aspect. We are offering all the benefits and none of the work.

We offer aquariums in various shapes and sizes as both for sale or rental.

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