NEW ARRIVALS – Tropical Fish

blue paradise fish

In spite of the snow, our delivery from the Czech Republic arrived on time yesterday and the fish are settling in nicely. Some really great sized fish in this time, huge Pentazona Barbs, highly colourful Odessa’s and a handful of gorgeous Czech bred Royal Blue Discus.



  • Apistogramma Agassizii (L)
  • Royal Blue Discus
  • Convict Cichlid
  • Cichlasoma Sajica
  • Frontosa
  • Spotted Gar (Customer Order)
  • Silver Dollar
  • Gold Gardner’s Killifish
  • Gold Widow Tetra
  • Buenos Aires Tetra
  • Glowlight Tetra
  • Lemon Tetra
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Neon Tetra
  • Long Fin Rosy Barb
  • Odessa Barb
  • Pentazona Barb (XL)
  • Albino Tiger Barb
  • Green Tiger Barb
  • Pearl Danio
  • Long Fin Leopard Danio
  • Long Fin Zebra Danio
  • Rainbow Shark
  • Dwarf Rasbora
  • Least Rasbora
  • Hengeli Rasbora
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnow
  • Sunset Hi Fin Platy
  • Paradise Fish
  • Pearl Gourami
  • 3 Spot Gourami
  • Sparkling Gourami
  • Super Delta Dumbo Fighters (Male and Female)
  • Albino Ancistrus
  • Calico Ancistrus
  • Hi Fin Peppered Corydoras
  • Corydoras Sterbai
  • Synodontis Velifer
  •  Asian Stone Catfish

We will be adding some pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages and if you require any additional information on any of our new stock, you can contact us via the two platforms above, here on the website or phone.

We’ve added the fish onto our Live Stocklist and which we aim to update on a daily basis. Remember, if there is anything you don’t see, let us know, we receive deliveries every week and have access to over 17 wholesale and import supplies.