NEW ARRIVALS – Tropical Fish


Earlier today we received several boxes of fish and shrimps. Some to add to our existing racked systems but others to add to our new standalone aquariums. Also a first shipment from the highly regarded Ruinemans Aquarium from Holland, along with a handful of fishroom firsts, some tropical fish and shrimp that we haven’t had before.


  • Aphysemion Sjoestedti – Blue Gularis
  • Orange Cockatoo Cichlid
  • Badis Badis
  • Dario Jaintia Hills
  • Male Fighter
  • Half Moon Male Fighter
  • Dumbo Ear Female Fighter
  • Dwarf Rasbora
  • Pentazona Barb
  • Tiger Barb
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Neon Tetra
  • Black Neon Tetra
  • X Ray Tetra
  • Rhinogobius
  • Corydoras Julii
  • Corydoras Habrosus
  • Geophagus Daemon
  • Peckolita Lujani L127
  • Neon Red Guppy
  • Red Scarlet Endler
  • Endler
  • Neon Gold Spotted Platy
  • Marbled Swordtail
  • Brown Spiked Tail Paradise Fish
  • Chocolate Gourami
  • Dwarf Pea Puffer
  • Malaya Babaulti Shrimp
  • Bee Shrimp