MAD LIZARD – Reptile and Amphibian Foods, Decor and Bedding

Okay, so we know we’re called the fishroom, but we have received a lot of feedback from our customers and here is the proof that we actually listen and are now stocking food, decor and accessories for reptiles and amphibians

We are really pleased to announce not only another new brand but a new animal family!



The MAD LIZARD brand offers a vast selection of quality and competitively priced products from bowls and hides to foods and enhancers.




We have added a lot of the items on our store, Decor, Hides, Substrate and Plants can be found HERE and  Food and Supplements  HERE.

Although we’ve not added all the items in stock and some we can’t currently look to mail out, but do have them for sale in store, including Frozen Rats, Mice and Pinkies in ALL sizes.

As always, if we don’t have a specific item in stock, we can always get it, and hopefully judging by your feedback it should save you a few quid in petrol money?!

Don’t forget, as with our aquatic supplies and livestock, we will deliver direct to you home absolutely free of charge if you spend £20 or more as long as you live within a 10 mile radius.