NEW ARRIVALS – Tropical Fish and LIVE FOOD!


Some more additions to our current Tropical livestock has now arrived in earlier today and will be on sale from Saturday onwards. Don’t forget you can Reserve any fish here or in stock with a message or a phone call for up to 48 hours.

Check out our full LIVE stocklist HERE


  • Neon Tetra
  • Clown Loach
  • Assorted Platy
  • Parrot Platy
  • Rainbow Platy
  • Red Leopard Molly
  • Red Tail Black Shark
  • Corydoras Sterbai
  • Otocinclus
  • Gold Nugget Plecostomus
  • Assorted Oscar
  • Marbled Eel
  • Moonlight Gourami
  • Pearl Gourami
  • Sparkling Gourami
  • Neon Blue Male Guppy
  • Golden Male Guppy
  • Cherry Shrimp
  • Amano Shrimp
  • Musk Turtle
  • Green Male Siamese Fighter
  • Tri Colour Male Siamese Fighter



We have also received a delivery of Live Food.

So for the fussy eaters or just as a special treat, we have Tubifex, Daphnia, Bloodworm and Artemia.

Stocks go really quickly, so be sure to bob in for yours!