NEW ARRIVALS – Coldwater and Pond Fish – 6th September

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A nice mix of new additions to our coldwater livestock, including some great Ghost Koi which we will be including an end of season offer (so watch this space).

In addition to which, you can still claim a sample of the new Tetra Beauty Pond Food with every Koi purchase over just £5 (while stocks last)


  • 4 inch Greenline* Ghost Koi
  • Size 2 Greenline* Goldfish
  • Assorted Ryukin 4-6 cm
  • Black Moor 4-6 cm
  • Size 2 Shubunkin
  • Sturgeon 9- 12cm
  • Albino Sturgeon 10-15cm


* All fish marked Greenline and bred in the UK on a MAFF registered, CEFAS monitored farm, free from any other imported fish at the highest level of bio security.

Regular health checks ensure that these fish are of the highest health quality and British breeding ensures they are perfect for the UK climate ALL year round.