Tropica Arrivals – 21st April


‘1-2 Grow!’

Another great assortment of plants from Tropica including a selection of their invitro ‘1-2 Grow’ which contain zero risk of pests, snails and algae. They are very easy to split and propogate and go very far if planted correctly as seen in the video.



Potted Plants

Potted plants can be kept in pot but ideally should be taken out, split and replanted to get the most out of them. This is definitely recommended for carpeting varieties.


Here is a list of the current new arrivals in potted plants. Click on each plant to be taken to Tropica‘s website with lots of information including care, maintenance and growth rate as well as some excellent examples of aquascapes utilising each species.


Plants by Tropica follow a 3 grade difficulty rating. Whilst we mostly stock EASY plants, we also stock some MEDIUM and ADVANCED species.


  • These plants can thrive and grow well in low-light aquariums.
  • CO2 supply is recommended because the CO2 supply, despite the low light, ensures the growth of the plants.
  • The time expenditure per week is less than ½ hour because the plants grow slowly.
  • Bottom substrate at the beginning and liquid fertiliser for weekly use.


  • The plants require 20-40 lumen (or ½ watt T5) per litre to thrive.
  • CO2 supply is recommended to help plants grow with good colour and density.
  • Weekly maintenance times of ½-1 hour will be required depending on the growth and development of the plants.
  • Bottom substrate and liquid fertilisers are required. Special fertiliser is recommended.


  • The plants require minimum 40 lumen (1 watt T5) per litre or more to thrive fully.
  • Continuous CO2 supply of 15-25 mg per litre is required.
  • Maintenance time is 1-2 hours a week. The plant growth can pose challenges.
  • Bottom substrate and liquid fertiliser, including special fertiliser, are required.

Plant Growth System 60 (CO2)


A simple, effective and easy way to provide CO2 to your aquarium plants to promote growth and colour. This is particularly important for plants rated MEDIUM and ADVANCED. See below video for more information regarding installation and use.


As always, if you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us by email, facebook, twitter or here on our website (you can find a contact form under ABOUT US>CONTACT US).