Huge delivery of Marginal Pond Plants – 4th April

Please find below a current list of our pond plant stock. They are available in 1, 3 and 8 litre baskets. Lilies and Deep Water Plants are available in 3.5 litre baskets


  • American Water Iris 
  • Blue Cardinal
  • Brook Lime
  • Bushy Horsetail Rush 
  • Chinese Marshflower Blue
  • Chinese Marshflower White
  • Corkscrew Rush
  • Creeping Jenny 
  • Double Flowered Spearwort
  • Dwarf Reed Mace
  • Dwarf Variegated Sweet Rush
  • Dwarf Water Plantain
  • Flowering Rush
  • Giant Spearwort
  • Golden Creeping Jenny
  • Golden Gramineus
  • Greater Reed Mace
  • Green and White Canary Grass 
  • Green and White Sweet Grass
  • Hop Sedge 
  • Horsetail Rush
  • Lavender Musk
  • Marsh Marigold 
  • Marsh Marigold White
  • Meadowsweet
  • Monkey Musk
  • Ornamental Reed Mace
  • Penny Royal
  • Red Cardinal
  • Red Water Doc
  • Sweet Galingale
  • Variegated Greater Pond Sedge
  • Variegated Sweet Rush
  • Variegated Water Forget Me Not
  • Water Plantain 
  • Water Mint
  • White Water Forget Me Not
  • Yellow Flag Iris
  • Yellow Satin Flowers
  • Zebra Rush


  • Dwarf Hairgrass
  • Red Stem Parrot’s Feather
  • Starwort
  • Water Violet


  • Almost Black
  • Alba
  • Apognogeton Didtachyus
  • Arc en Ciel 
  • Candidissima 
  • Charles de Meurville
  • Gonnera 
  • Hollandia (Darwin)
  • Indiana 
  • Marliac Albida
  • Marliacea Carnea 
  • Nymphaea Marliac Albida
  • Orontium Aquaticum 
  • Shady Lady 
  • Sunrise
  • Wanvisa 

We also have bunched oxygenators in stock and more floating plants due in the next few days.

If you have any plant requests, please drop us a message and we can advise on availability, sizes and prices. 


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