Coldwater and Pond fish – NEW IN

In stock and now ready for sale, some additions to our coldwater and pond livestock

  • Black Banded Sunfish
  • 10 inch Greenline Ghost Koi
  • 5 inch Greenline Ghost Koi
  • 4 inch Shusui Koi
  • 3 inch Gold Ogon Koi
  • 2-3 inch Premier Red Goldfish 
  • 2-3 inch Shubunkin
  • Red and White Ryukin
  • Calico Ryukin
  • Butterfly Plecostomus 

If you require any further detail, information or prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 thoughts on “Coldwater and Pond fish – NEW IN

  1. Paul walton says:

    Ive got a 1 meter tank which as a 1 x roach 1 x mirror carp and 1 x koi carp im looking to put more mirror carp and some other cold water fish not sure. Im looking to build a pond in spring time for my fish to go in

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