New Arrivals – 12th April

Latest shipment of fish to add to our current Tropical Freshwater livestock.

  • Blue Acara 6-8cm
  • Geophagus Brasiliensis 4-5cm
  • Cutter’s Blue Eyed Cichlid 4-5cm
  • Convicts 4cm
  • Angels 3-4cm
  • Silver Prochilodus 4cm
  • Ember Tetras 2cm
  • Lemon Tetras 3cm
  • Flame Tetras 3cm
  • Golden Tetras 2-3cm
  • Buenos Aires Tetras 3.5-4cm
  • Cardinal Tetras 2cm
  • Neon Tetras 2cm
  • Two Stripe Lyretail Killifish 3-4cm
  • Steel Blue Killifish 3-4cm
  • Corydoras Sterbai 3cm
  • Bronze Cats 3.5cm
  • Hoplosternum Cats 4-4.5cm
  • Red Tail Black Sharks 3-4cm
  • Orange Caridina Shrimp 2cm
  • Long Fin Zebra Danios  2-2.5cm
  • Black Ruby Barbs  3-4cm
  • Male Fighters (including – Blue, Green, Purple, Super Delta) XL
  • Mickey Mouse Platy 3-4cm
  • Male Guppies 2.5-3cm

Cryptoherus cutteri (Cutter’s Blue Eyed Cichlid)


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