More Marginal Pond Plants – Just Arrived

More great marginals have now arrived in stock, including:

  • Chinese Blue Marshflower
  • Water Mint
  • Yellow Satin
  • American Iris
  • Japanese Iris
  • Golden Creeping Jenny
  • Red Water Doc
  • Dwarf Variegated Sweet Rush
  • Cotton Bud Grass
  • Water Forget me not
  • Ornamental Reed Mace
  • Dwarf Reed Mace  


Plus, both bunched and potted OXYGENATORS

  • Water Violet
  • Mare’s Tail
  • Hair Grass
  • Elodea Crispa
  • Hornwort

2 thoughts on “More Marginal Pond Plants – Just Arrived

    1. Hi Stacey,

      Oxygenating plants start at 2.25 bunch (5 for £10)
      Marginals start at 1L tubs £5.50 each (2 for £10)
      3L tubs £12.00 each (2 for £20)
      8L tubs £22.00 each (2 for £40)

      the fishroom


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