FREE Tropical Fish Food

Yes, you read it correctly!

With every purchase of tropical freshwater fish, we’ll be giving away a sample of the NEW NT Labs Pro – f range of foods.

The only Probiotic diet on the UK market for all  community tropical fish species.  A highly digestible food that produces amazingly low waste which helps keep your aquarium cleaner for longer.

The new scientifically formulated Tropical Fish Food-Probiotic from NT Labs is a nutritionally complete slow sinking granular food for all common tropical fish species.  The 0.8 – 1.2mm granule floats and then particles sink at different rates allowing all fish to feed at their preferred level in the water column.

Tropical Fish Food – Probiotic, also contains NT Labs ‘Stimune’ Beta Glucans to help maintain the immune system and keep your fish healthy.  A rich mix of multivitamins with a high level of stablised vitamin C.  Loaded with Spirulina which provides anti-oxidants, colour enhancing properties and nutritional elements for the different dietary needs of plant and algae eating fish in your aquarium.

The range also includes: Shrimp Enhancer, Catfish Pellet, Nano Tropical, Cichlid Green 33, Cichlid Red 48, Discus Granule and Fancy Goldfish


Offer open whilst stock last

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