The Ecocel is an above ground filter that combines mechanical and biological filtration.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Specially designed to provide mechanic and biological filtration that ensure’s your pond is always clear and healthy
  • Team with a Vorton UVC to eliminate green water algae
These above ground filters combine mechanical and biological filtration to keep ponds clear and healthy.

How Ecocel works?ecocel-illo

Water enters the unit via a spray head (1), which is evenly distributed over a foam sheet (2). Solid particles in the water are trapped in a foam sheet (3). Almost solids free, the water passes through plastic biomedia (4) where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants. The amount of biomedia contained in the filter increases in direct proportion to the size of the pond/filter to support a greater number of fish. Purified water then passes up an outlet tube (5) and back into the pond. Use the viewing hatch to observe the internal operation of the filter, which helps to show if any maintenance is required.

Hozelock Cyprio Ecocel garden pond filters can be sited almost anywhere and teamed with the appropriate pond pump. They will remove unwanted solids from the water and convert dissolved organic and chemical fish waste into harmless compounds. In addition, these filters combined with UVC units will give guaranteed clearwater.


Ecocel filters are pump-fed, external filters, ideal for being partially buried adjacent to your pond or being positioned above ground if desired. The filter may also be concealed at the top of a waterfall.

Please Note: This product is NOT SUBMERSIBLE, and should be sited where it cannot fall into the water or become waterlogged. However, the design is weatherproof, and Ecocel filters can be safely installed outdoors.

Available in 3 sizes:ecocell-table1

Ecocel 2500 for pond size up to 5000 ltrs (without fish)

Ecocel 5000 for pond size up to 10000 ltrs (without fish)

Ecocel 10000 for pond size up to 20000 ltrs (without fish)