Solids handling pumps for filtration, waterfalls and watercourses

Key Benefits Include:

  • Wildlife Protection System (WPS) – A fine, removable grill that prevents small fish and pond wildlife from accessing the pump.
  • Large cage surface area reduces cage clogging & improves water purity
The range of Aquaforce filter and waterfall pumps have been developed to be tough, trouble free and efficient.
Self Cooling System – the motors feature a water-cooling system, which ensures that the pumps are kept at a constant temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.
Ceramic Bearings – maximise pump life and along with thrust washers ensure the motors are ultra reliable.
Fish Protection System – all Aquaforce pumps include a removable Fish Protection System that allows you to reduce the inlet from 6mm/10mm to 2mm, to prevent fish getting into the cage.
Conical impeller – maximises performance
Carry handle -integral carrying handle for easy lifting in and out of the pond.

How does Aquaforce work?aquaforce-case-illo

Pond water is drawn in through the cage grill which filters out coarse solids up to 6mm/10mm in size (dependent on model). Smaller particles down to 2mm in size can be eliminated by fitting the supplied clip-in fine mesh filter tray which affords the best possible protection for pond fish, preventing them from accessing the pump.

The Aquaforce has a considerably increased cage surface area, which allows the maximum amount of waste to be collected and pumped to the filter system. It also means that the cage is far less likely to clog, which will save you from constant cleaning.

Most common Aquaforce set up:aqua-bioforce-withfish-illo

The Aquaforce pumps are particularly suitable for pumping water to external filters  or for use in high flow waterfalls or watercourse applications where low maintenance is important.

For the best results, the pump should be positioned in the deepest part of the pond at least 200mm under the surface. This will ensure the best circulation of water in the pond and when being used as a filtration pump, its solids handling capability will be maximised.

The larger models (6000, 8000, 12000 & 15000) feature a second inlet and flow control. The second inlet allows the use of a skimmer or satellite filter and the flow control allows the adjustment of the flow of water to a waterfall or filter. It also allows the control of the amount of water being drawn from the second inlet.

Extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the reliability of the pumps and a 3-year guarantee is offered for all models.

The Aquaforce sets unprecedented performance and efficiency benchmarks in flow rates and head heights.

Model Max Flow Flow at 1m Max Head Solids Handling Range Waterfall Width at 0.6m Waterfall Width at 1m Hose Diameter Wattage
1000  1000LPH (220GPH)  700LPH (155GPH)  1.50m  2-6mm  0.06m 0.05m 25-40mm 25w
2500  2500LPH (550GPH)  1850LPH (410GPH)  2.10m  2-6mm  0.19m 0.16m 25-40mm 30w
4000  4000LPH (880LPH)  3000LPH (660GPH)  2.50m  2-6mm  0.36m 0.25m 25-40mm 50w
6000  6000LPH (1320GPH)  5550LPH (1220GPH)  3.50m  2-10mm  0.49m 0.42m 25-40mm 65w
8000  8000LPH (1760GPH) 7400LPH (1630GPH)  4.00m  2-10mm  0.69m 0.63m 25-40mm 95w
12,000 12,000LPH(2640GPH) 10800LPH(2375GPH)  5.00m  2-10mm  1.00m 0.89m 25-40mm 130w
15,000 15,000LPH(3000GPH) 13,100LPH(2880GPH)  5.70m  2-10mm  1.20m 1.10m 25-40mm 180w


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