High performance, reliable air pump for large fish and koi ponds

Key Benefits Include:

  • Ideal for use in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline
  • Can aid in preventing freezing by creating a strong circulation of water
Adding oxygen into a fishpond is very important for fish health, particularly in densely 1380-ap-lifstylestocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline.Air pumps can also be used to circulate water and help prevent the pond from freezing in winter.The smallest model in the range delivers 320 litres per hour with a maximum operating depth of 1.2m and the largest model delivers 4,500 litres per hour with an operating depth of 3m.

Hozelock Cyprio Pond Equipment is designed to work as a system.pond-air-pump-pump

  1. A solids handling pump puts solids into the filter
  2. An Ultra Violet Clarifier (uvc) eliminates the algae that cause green water
  3. A Filter removes the toxins and the waste making the water healthy and clean
  4. Whilst an Air Pump adds oxygen to the pond to improve fish health and activity
The Hozelock Cyprio Air Pump has been designed to allow quick and easy maintenance.The product has been specifically designed to make the replacement of any parts as convenient as possible.All Air Pumps come with 2 year guarantee.