Although we might be situated in a forty year old shed in a field we are in fact a certified Hozelock centre of excellence, and it is because of this and their effective guarantee system that we stock Hozelock Pond Equipment as our main option for pond pumps and filters.

Hozelock Cyprio Pond Equipment is designed to work as a system.pond-air-pump-pump

  1. A solids handling pump puts solids into the filter
  2. An Ultra Violet Clarifier  eliminates the algae that cause green water
  3. A Filter removes the toxins and the waste making the water healthy and clean
  4. Whilst an Air Pump adds oxygen to the pond to improve fish health and activity

Hozelock Pond Equipment


Whether it’s a fountain, waterfall or filtration you have in mind there will be a pump to suit your requirements. Anything from a 400 l/h (litre per hour) cascade pump for a small water feature to a 15,000 l/h heavy solids pump for serious movement.

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Air Pumps

Hozelock Air Pump

Air Pumps provide multiple benefits to a pond setup.

  1. Additional movement limits dead spots (without flow) in a pond, improving the efficiency of the filter system.
  2. Additional oxygenation is always good for coldwater fish, they will be healthier and happier.
  3. Fish love swimming through the bubbles.

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  1. Improves water conditions.
  2. Removes harmful contaminants.
  3. Reduces the risk of health issues with the fish.

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UV Clarifiers1554

  1. Eliminates water-bourne green algae
  2. Prevents the spread of pathogens
  3. Improves clarity

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Filtration Kits1404-bioforcefiltkit

  1. Save in excess of 10% of price when bought seperately
  2. Excellent choice for beginners
  3. Includes hose and clips for easy installation

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